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1. The name and proportion of primary materials: ;Formula: ; 

2.Name of other materials and proportion:

3. Granulation purpose:Improve the solubility of instant 、Release 、Improve mobility 、Reduce dust 、Compression volume
  Coating 、Coloration 、Taste masking 、Adding micro-accessories 、Other

4.The main raw material properties: ;Degree of fineness: mm;
 Distribution: Bulk Density: kg/m3

5. Raw material viscosity: Strength 、General 、Weak ;   Wettability: Good 、Still 、Poor

6. Granulation method to be used: dry roller pressing tablets 、Boiling Granulator Dry 、Spray Drying Granulator 、Rotary Granulator
   Swing Granulator 、 Screw extrusion granulation

7.Finished size requirements: mm;Content %

8.Required finished appearance: cylindrical 、Spherical 、Porous spherical 、Triangle 、Diamond 、Does not matter

9.Granulating process is allowed to add adhesive :Allow 、Not allowed

10.Adhesive Name ,Allows the number of (quality of materials and the percentage of granulation) %

11.Initial moisture content of materials (or solvent) rate %;Finished the final moisture content required (or solvent) rate %

12.Finished product KG/H( T/D)

13.Product need to be synchronized drying: Yes 、No

14.Production: continuous production 、Production gap

15.Material requirements for equipment :

16.Cleaning of equipment and hygiene requirements :

17.Budget for the purchase of equipment investment (Renminbi): million

18.Other Requirements :
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