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 Liu Guangwen Resume

¡¡¡¡Liu Guangwen, male, students in December 1959, Shenyang Chemical Research Institute is currently a senior engineer, engaged in chemical unit of equipment design and development of fine chemical materials, dosage forms of research. Main research direction is the production of chemical materials production process and equipment optimization. Processing of the dye and pesticide formulations have some solid research. Over the years, presided over 200 projects designed to dry, has been invited to solve on-site technical problems, and frequently invited as expert for new equipment. Two applications for invention patents, utility model patents four. Several academic conferences in the country for academic reports. Has expertise in domestic journals published drying, filtration, grinding, separation and other aspects of more than 50 papers. With a "dye- processing technology", "spray-drying and practical technology Filmography", "drying technology and its industrial application" (associate editor), "drying equipment selection and procurement guidelines," "pesticide WDG", " drying equipment Design Manual ","Granulation process and equipment" and other technical monographs. Has participated in "Modern Drying Technology" (Second Edition), "dye industry technology", "Yearbook 2004, China Chemical Equipment Volume" and the preparation of monographs, a total of more than 500 million words. Chinese Chemical Society is Chemical Engineering Committee drying expert group member of China Petroleum and Chemical Association drying expert combination of heart specialists.

By the shenyang chemical industry research institute LiuGuangWen edited the book of modern pesticide formulations and processing technology of recently published by chemical industry press. A total of 2.53 million words, is divided into seven chapter article 57. From the basic theory, dosage form development and engineering technology, and other aspects, systematically introduces the comprehensive pesticide formulations processing additives, processing technology, processing equipment and production methods. The book is by far the most comprehensive introduction of pesticide preparation processing technology of the monograph. 





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