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QG Series pulse air flow drier   [Order the product]
    QG airstreams pulse drier is a large quantity production drier, it adopt instant drying principle, utilize hot air’s quick move to drive damp raw material and make it floats in the hot air, this can strengthen the whole drying process, improve the speed of hot exchange. If raw material is dried by this equipment, non-combined moisture can be removed completely, dried material never metamorphosed, compared with general drier, output is remarkably raised.

    The kinds of dry equipment can be suitable for more raw materials. Besides the raw materials mentioned in basic type drier, the following raw materials can also be dried. They are hypnone, ABC intermediate, ABS resin, ASC, white carbon black, phthalimidine, catalyst for oxalic acid, accelerant m.d.m, catalyst, deposited carbon powder, p-acetamidobenzene sulfonyI chloride, sodium para-aminosalicylate, terephthalic acid, diethylaniline, titanium dioxide, active carbon, sodium fluosilicate, fluoric ore, ammmonium sulphate, silica gel powder, synthesis resin, calcium hydrogen phosphate, PP, aureomycin, sodium disilicate, oral glucose, sodium sulfate, sulphide ore.Phosphorus ore powder, blue BB, PVC, phosphate fertilizer, acheomycin, ferric oxide, calcium carbonate, ilmenite, copper ore, potato, tail coal, stearate, maize protein, medicine, dose, lees and so on.

Model Evaporated capacity kg/h Power kw Occupied area m2 Height m
QG50 50 7 20 14
QG100 100 13 32 14
QG200 200 21 40 15
QG250 250 24 64 15
QG500 500 43 96 18
QG1000 1000 100 120 18
QG1500 1500 150 200 20
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