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QFG Series Aggrandizement Fluidizing Drier   [Order the product]


    The bottom of dryer has the unique enhanced design, stirring rack is diamond shaped, its linear flow design can reduce wind resistance into a minimum degree, also the grinding knifes are equipped at the bottom, the results of grinding are obvious, the falling the materials can be rapidly crushed into powders which are suitable for air flow drying, another function of stirring is dispersing materials, thus can enlarge the contacting area with high speed hot air coming from the bottom, and most of moisture is dried during this stage, and then the dried material becomes lighter and lighter, and flow up with hot air, finally comes out from the top of dryer and goes into material colleting system.

    This dryer is suitable for the raw materials that contains high moisture and appear paste and other raw materials that can not be dried with other drying methods, also apply to the cake, paste, With a certain viscosity, require finished products for the powder.

Model Evaporated capacity kgh2O/h Power kw Occupied area m2 Height m
QFG-400 40-70 17 35 5
QFG-600 80-150 29 50 6
QFG-800 150-250 45 65 7
QFG-1000 230-420 72 75 8
QFG-1200 300-600 104 100 9
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